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Saturday, October 10, 2015
9 am - 3 pm

St. Michael the Archangel Church, 175 Williams Rd, Troy, NY. Across from LaSalle Institute near Hudson Valley CC.

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs on Trial Placement - Adoption Pending

The following dogs are on trial placement in a new home and are not currently available for adoption. All Peppertree adoptions begin with a minimum two-week trial period. The dogs below have been placed in adoptive homes but the adoption is not yet final.

BayouBAYOU - Coonhound mix, male, ~8 years, 57 lbs. What a lovable character this tall, handsome, stately fellow is! True to his hound roots Bayou will sing to you if you ask, and he is vocal when he is excited, which is part of his happy charm. He does get excited when he sees other dogs and wants to greet them, so be prepared for a melodic walk if you live in a busy area. Bayou has a way of making his presence known, but when he plays with other dogs he is appropriate and social. No cats for this boy, though, please! Like most hounds Bayou is going to need a fenced yard as his nose often drives his thinking, and while he is good on leash he is strong and prone to following his nose. However, when it comes to people there are few dogs more lovable and gentle then Bayou; he especially enjoys children. He is a sweet soul who is very eager to make his family happy. Click here to see more pictures of Bayou on, and here to see Bayou's Ch. 10 Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo!

BeatrixBEATRIX - Beagle mix, female, ~4 years, ~20 lbs. Will you Bea my Valentine? Ok, a little early for that, but.... I would LOVE for you to LOVE me! I was running the streets not too long ago, I was scared and lonely until Animal Control picked me up. But my life is getting better. I'm currently in a foster home with seven other dogs, so it's safe to say I mingle well. I am affectionate and sweet as can be, it just comes naturally for me! Seeing as I am a beagle, I will need to be in a forever home with an enclosed yard for me to play. If you think I am your girl, please fill out an application, so we can start the rest of our lives.....together!

DutchDUTCH - Shep/Hound mix, female, 5-7? years, 73 lbs. Dutch epitomizes the 'plain brown wrapper' type of dog with a heart of gold that Peppertree is drawn to. She is a true mix, but her likely heritage includes shepherd and hound or Lab. This middle-aged girl likes a walk or a game of fetch, followed by a nap! She is house-trained and excellent with people. She has lived with young children and was fine with them. Dutch has good leash manners and is great riding in the car. She is ok with some dogs but not all, and she would probably love not to have any competition for her adopter's affections. We do not think she would be good with cats. Click here to see Dutch's appearance on Ch. 10 Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo!

HENDRIX - Retriever, male, 14 months. Receiving medical care in his foster home.

Miss mochaMISS MOCHA - Cocker Spaniel, female, 13 years. Perfect companion seeks best friend! This little beauty is looking for someone to snuggle on the couch with and take long walks. Miss Mocha has good house manners and loves to be with and around people, other dogs and cats, but mostly people. She also loves belly rubs and food. If you take her home she will be your best friend forever.

RobbiROBBI - Mountain cur mix, male, 4 years, 50 lbs. Robbi is a 4 +/- yr old Cur mix with a handsome brindle coat. He's a mellow, low energy guy who loves his people who was found scratching at the front door of a shelter down south trying to get in. He seems to have some hound in his mix and his nose gets a workout during his walks. He's a lovable boy with a gentle demeanor but in one foster home he was very interested in cats so we would want to have a home visit for any potential adopters with cats. He has a love of water and has been spotted lounging in the kiddy pool. He gets along great with his canine foster brother and they play well together. He also does well in the car. His foster home doesn't have kids but when out and about, he has been just fine with them. Robbi crates well overnight with no accidents. His foster mom thinks he has off-leash potential as he is doing well with his recall.

SaigeSAIGE - Lab mix, female, 7-8 months, 40 lbs. Saige loves being outside and has lots of puppy energy. She is great with all people and with other dogs. She's learning fetch and really enjoys it, and since she is wonderful with kids, that is something they can enjoy together! Saige loves to play with her foster brother, who is a good match for her active play style. We are really hoping for a home with another young, active dog for her, since she really needs an outlet for all her energy! She is ok with cats, but a dog-savvy cat would be best as she does chase them a bit and then tries to play. Saige is a sweet girl who is incredibly cuddly, and loves to be in a recliner with whoever is occupying it. She is crate trained and housebroken, and rides nicely in the car. She is learning lots of new obedience commands, and is very food motivated which is helping her learn quickly. Her adopters will need to continue to teach and reinforce good behavior.

TrekTREK - Beagle/dachshund mix, male, 10 months, 25 lbs. Trek is a sweet young pup. He loves kids and other dogs. He has plenty of puppy exuberance and plays with his foster sister for hours. He is house and crate trained and doing well learning his manners. Trek is smart and eager to please, but lacks a little confidence. He needs a home that will show him what is expected and give him the love he has been missing. He is a great snuggler and wants to be with his people.

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