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Saturday, March 14, 2015
11 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco, 664 New Loudon Rd., Latham, NY 12110

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs on Trial Placement - Adoption Pending

The following dogs are on trial placement in a new home and are not currently available for adoption. All Peppertree adoptions begin with a minimum two-week trial period. The dogs below have been placed in adoptive homes but the adoption is not yet final.

BocelliBOCELLI - Golden mix, male, 5 years, 65 lbs. BOCELLI wants nothing more than to be by your side all day and will give you hugs if you ask him to! He is a very sweet, laid back guy who gets along wonderfully with the other 3 dogs in his foster home. BOCELLI is blind, but that doesn't stop him from loving life; it's rare that his tail stops wagging, especially when he hears your voice. He responds very well to sound to help him navigate, and knows where to find you for some affection. A quiet home where there's someone around to keep him company during the day would be perfect for BOCELLI. He would love having another laid back doggy pal to relax with, but would also be great as an only dog since that means he will get your undivided attention. BOCELLI is housebroken and has perfect manners in the house so doesn't need to be crated when left alone. He gets along just fine with cats. Due to his blindness, BOCELLI won't be placed in a home with young children. Applicants must live within 1 hour of Albany because a home visit is required.

CabotCABOT - Bassett/lab mix, male, 1 year, ~30 lbs. So, there is this dog, see, who recently moved to New York from Georgia. His name is CABOT. He does not look like just any dog. CABOT looks like a lot of dogs! He has the legs of a Basset Hound, the body of a Dachshund, and the head of a terrier (we think!) CABOT is splotchy black with brilliant white areas mixed in, and a skunk-ey stripe down right the middle of his little black head! CABOT is a youngster, probably not even a year old. He likes to be held once he is gently in your arms. And he sure loves to be in your lap, or cuddle up close, so he can fall fast asleep. Young or old, all laps are created equal in his book! CABOT is a quiet little dog. He may bark for a few minutes when you put him in his crate at night, or when you leave the house, but then he settles down for a highly satisfying sleep. CABOT loves to sleep. He also enjoys lying on his bed while in the kitchen with his foster family. Playing with his foster brother is great, too. Tug of war, chase, tumbling and chewing on bones are some of his favorite games to play with his new buddy. CABOT is learning new tricks, like sit and stay, and to only pee outside. He needs to go out every hour or so, just to make sure he learns good manners! CABOT gets along very well with the kids in his foster home, and their friends, too. He doesn't even chew their toys! All the friends want to bring him home. So if you are interested in meeting CABOT, you had better be quick! Word is sure to spread about this special little transplant from the Peach State! He is one of those guys who just has to follow his nose when he catches a scent, so a fenced-in yard is best for him.

EstherESTHER - Cocker Spaniel mix, female, 6-8 years, ~20 lbs. ESTHER is a sweet and social lady who simply adores a good butt rub! She was found as a stray in Tennessee and was a wee bit of a mangled mess, but nothing a little TLC could not remedy. Due to advanced cataracts it is doubtful ESTHER sees much, but that is not going to keep her down! She responds to voice commands, can climb and descend stairs by herself, and has shown no fear exploring her foster home. She gets along well with her two foster brothers (one dog and one cat) and loves to go for walks or simply just curl up by your side. Most of all, ESTHER is in search of someone with a lot of love to give so she can soak it up. Click here to see more pictures of ESTHER on

EvelynEVELYN - Pointer/border collie mix, female, 11 years, 35 lbs. EVIE is a super sweet, happy and playful girl. She believes that age is just a number and young is an attitude. EVIE loves to go for walks. She's an excellent car passenger and is housebroken and crate trained. EVIE gets along famously with her two male foster brothers and enjoys playing and cuddling with them. She came to us from a New York City shelter where she was surrendered due to the illness of her owner. She is a bit shy and fearful in new situations, but quickly warms up to her people. We think she's used to a quiet household, so it would be best if she goes to a home that isn't too busy. And because she's shy and a little skittish, her new home should have a fenced-in yard. If you're a sucker for a sweet little face and a winning personality, then EVIE is the dog for you. She is fine with cats. Click here see more pictures of EVELYN on

HenryHENRY - Aussie/duck tolling retriever mix, male, ~13 years, 45 lbs. HENRY is a very sweet laid back gentleman, and everyone who meets him thinks he’s a lot younger than 13 - he certainly doesn’t look or act that age! He enjoys a couple of walks a day. He came to us from a downstate shelter, having been surrendered by his elderly owner who was unable to care for him anymore. HENRY likes other dogs a lot and wants to engage with them. He is housebroken and has excellent house manners. He is living with cats and is great with them. HENRY is hard of hearing and stairs are difficult for him, so a house without a lot of steps would be ideal. He walks nicely on leash and responds to hand signals. He adores his foster mom and follows her everywhere, inside and out! He rides very well in the car. Overall, his foster mom says HENRY's manners are impeccable! Click here to see more pictures of HENRY on

Milo the magnificentMILO THE MAGNIFICENT - Beagle, male, 3 years, 30 lbs. MILO loves his people. His typical beagle cry comes out when people leave, but for the most part he is quiet. He does not jump up on counters or beg for food from the table, but his manners are lacking if you leave food on the coffee table! MILO also is the fastest vacuum in the world should you drop food. He isn't great yet about coming when called, and since he is a beagle and follows his nose, a fenced yard is preferred for him. He will put himself to sleep at night in his crate, but takes some coaxing to "go home" if you want him crated during the day. MILO loves softer toys to play with and is not a big chewer. He will drop something on strict command, and will let you pull it out of his mouth as well. He does not live with cats or toddlers, but he does interact well with highly active teens. He howled at the resident bunny for two days, so the bunny was moved to a different floor. When he got onto the second floor and encountered the bunny (in its cage) at nose level, he went into play stance, so we believe MILO may do well with dog-savvy cats.

StewieSTEWIE - Beagle, male, 6-8 years, 45 lbs. STEWIE is a friendly beagle who has a wonderful personality and is good with other dogs, cats and children. He is house trained and walks well on his leash with only a little bit of pulling, as he’s following his nose! STEWIE is just an easy dog to have around. He is used to living with other dogs and does not do well in a house without canine companions, so he is looking for a forever home with a new furry friend or two. Because of his Beagle tendency to wander, a fenced-in yard is a must for STEWIE.

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