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Saturday, July 11, 2015
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco, 664 New Loudon Rd., Latham, NY 12110

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs on Trial Placement - Adoption Pending

The following dogs are on trial placement in a new home and are not currently available for adoption. All Peppertree adoptions begin with a minimum two-week trial period. The dogs below have been placed in adoptive homes but the adoption is not yet final.

AthenaATHENA - Black Mouth Cur mix, female, 4 years, 30-35 lbs. Athena is a very sweet dog who is still settling in to a foster home. She does well in the crate and seems to be housebroken. She is very easy going and just wants to sit next to people. She doesn't seem to know any basic commands, but she is a willing girl who wants to please her people so we imagine she will be eager to learn. Athena is a little timid going into different parts of the house but since she does want to be near you, so she will follow with time and encouragement. She gets along well with the male dog in her foster home. Cats are unknown. At this point, it appears that she would be a great addition to any household!!

DodgerDODGER - Lab/Hound mix, male, 4-5 years, 58 lbs. Dodger is such a sweet guy. He is usually very calm, except when he gets all excited to see you when you return home! His favorite positions are laying on the floor or with his head in your lap, and he just loves belly rubs. He gets along fine with his female foster sibling, though at this point he hasn't begun to want to play with her yet. We were told by a previous foster home that he is fine with cats. Dodger is great with the toddler in his foster home. He is very attentive and knows some commands, and is working on politely taking treats when they're offered. He is housebroken and crate trained, though he doesn't need to be crated as he isn't destructive when left alone. He is a quiet boy who rarely barks and has very nice leash manners. Dodger is just a lovely dog who will make some lucky family a wonderful companion.

JAY THE BEAGLE - Male, 4 years, 30 lbs. Will arrive soon and be named and evaluated.

Lady luckLADY LUCK - Golden Retriever, female, 7 years (birthdate Aug. 7, 2007). Lady Luck was the beloved and somewhat spoiled companion of a woman who recently passed away. She is a wonderful dog, beautiful with a deep reddish coat, very fit, active, interested in everything … and loves, loves, loves people! Lady Luck has good house manners, is housebroken, knows basic commands, and is very smart. She is used to a yard and has not been walked a lot so she needs some work with leash manners, but we're sure she will catch on quickly. While she’s understandably anxious because of all the major changes, she catches on to new routines quickly (we mentioned she's smart right?) Lady Luck’s family says she is very good with children, but she may be a bit strong and active for very small ones. She has not, however, lived with other dogs, and her behavior in the foster home has us feeling she would do best continuing her life as a spoiled only dog. Lady Luck is very polite with dogs in public but in her home she is the Queen. Cats are unknown. For seven years Lady Luck was a devoted companion to her prior owner, showering her with so much love. She is waiting for that next family to love, and we are eager to help this lovely lady find them.

Lily kingLILY KING - Black Lab, female, 4 years, 89 lbs. Lily is a great girl and such a cuddle bug! She loves to play and run around, at any given time she will pick up a chew toy and get a game of fetch going! Lily loves to be around people and other dogs. She'd like to chase the cat in her foster home, but she might do OK with a dog-savvy cat who will stand its ground.

MartinMARTIN - Fox terrier mix, male, 1 year, 20 lbs. Martin comes to us by way of Tennessee and is a true Southern gentleman. A fox terrier mix, this boy is all about the snuggles and gives great kisses. His foster parents call him a "wiener dog on stilts", since he's got the legs of a doberman under the body of a dachshund. His 20 pound long and lean frame makes him the perfect size for snuggles and play and his wiry coat is low on shedding and even lower on maintenance. As a 1 year old, he's still got plenty of puppy energy (he's an elegant runner!), but more than anything he wants to be with his people, loving on them and watching while they do what people do. Just let him slip right in between you and the arm of your favorite chair and he's in heaven. Martin is great with other dogs, not a big barker, calm in the car, mildly interested in cats but not in an aggressive way. As he settles in to his foster home, he is starting to show his terrier roots and has become very energetic, so he is looking for a home that can provide him with an outlet for that energy.

My buddyMY BUDDY - Golden Retriever, male, 11 years, 95 lbs. My Buddy was brought to Peppertree by his owner who sadly had to give him up due to serious health issues she is experiencing. Buddy is a Golden Retriever through and through! Full of love, snuggles, and a desire to be close to his people. Buddy was very nervous when he first moved in with his foster family but after only a few days he warmed right up and let his adorable personality shine through! He loves being brushed, listening to Classical and Disco music, to go for walks and car rides, laze under a shady tree, play with his foster cat siblings, and to give kisses to the neighborhood kids while on his daily walks. Buddy is completely house trained and has been a perfect houseguest. He does require a bit of help with stairs being that he is an older fellow, so a home without too many stairs would be best for him. If you are looking for a snugly sweetheart who only asks for love, then this is the guy for you! Buddy is just perfect for a family or individual looking for a best furry companion.

PaigePAIGE - Australian Shep mix, female, 8 years. Paige is a gentle sweet girl with perfect house manners who just wants to be with her people. She loves attention and soaks up your affection like a sponge. She enjoys other dogs and will play for short bouts, although a little patience is required of her canine housemates because Paige is blind, and her inability to see means she occasionally walks right in to them head-on! Paige perks up and wags when the cat comes around and would probably chase, but loses the cat very quickly as she can't see where he's gone! She is perfectly housebroken. She is a calm dog with a med-low energy, likes to sleep but also loves her walks.

SHELBY - Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer mix, female, 2-3 years, 60 lbs.

Snow whiteSNOW WHITE - Chihuahua/American Eskimo mix, female, ~2 years, 14 lbs. Snow White is a sweet girl who came to Peppertree from NYC with her 3 babies. She is an amazing mother! Her puppies have all found wonderful homes and now Snow is ready for a home of her own. She is a gentle, sensitive, loving and loyal girl. She enjoys walks and the company of other dogs, and is great with cats. She is currently living in a foster home with 3 children, dogs both big and small, and 2 cats. New people make Snow White a bit nervous but she does warm up and once she does, she will love you with all her heart. She craves attention from her people, loves to be talked to and petted. She will crawl right into your lap and stay there as long as you'll allow it. She is a small girl, only 14 lbs -- so we would like to place her in a home with only older children, if any.

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