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Saturday, October 1, 2016
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco, 664 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110

Saturday, October 1, 2016
10 am - 4 pm

The Colonie-Guilderland Rotary Club and the Shaker Heritage Society PET EXPO, 25 Meeting House Rd, Albany, NY 12211

Saturday, October 1, 2016
10 am - 1 pm

Progressive Insurance Pet Adoption Day, 1586 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs on Trial Placement - Adoption Pending

The following dogs are on trial placement in a new home and are not currently available for adoption. All Peppertree adoptions begin with a minimum two-week trial period. The dogs below have been placed in adoptive homes but the adoption is not yet final.

ComancheCOMANCHE - Beagle mix, male, 1 year, 35 lbs. Comanche is am extremely friendly little guy who likes to follow his people around just in case they should need him. He walks nicely on a leash and also enjoys lying down outside next to his people. Comanche knows basic commands and will come when called. He gets along well with everyone, has a super personality and nothing really bothers him. His foster family says he gets along wonderfully with their dog and he is respectful of their cat's boundaries. She also mentions that he loves hiking and hopping around in creeks, and thinks he would be a good candidate for agility. Over all, Comanche is a bundle of joy.

FayFAY - Spaniel(?) mix, 7-8 months old, 35 lbs. Fay is a pretty, sweet dog whose lineage we are most comfortable referring to as "All American." She loves spending time with people and thoroughly enjoys playtime and belly rubs. Still in her puppy stage, Fay has a lot of energy and tons of fun playing with the resident dog in her foster home. She can use a little patience and training to not be protective of the humans in the home if another dog is around, but this is something that time, guidance and security will improve, and already she has gotten better about it. Fay aims to please, her heart is wide open and she's ready to love on her new family for years to come!

Grace kellyGRACE KELLY - Shih Tzu, female, 5 years, 11 lbs. GRACE KELLY (and yes, she’s a princess too) came to us through an owner surrender. She is just getting cleared up from flea dermatitis that had her looking less furry than she should, but her fur is growing back nicely and she’ll be her fluffy little self before long. Grace has a lot of charm, will follow you wherever you go, and loves other dogs, even if they don’t want to know her. She just keeps charming them until they come around. Even the grouchy old terrier mix in her foster home is starting to soften toward her. Grace loves affection, will sleep in your lap all day if you let her, and will cheer you up just looking at that cute little face. She has had no accidents since been with her foster mom so we can safely say she is housebroken. She is affectionate and loving and will make a great companion dog for some lucky adopter.

HannahHANNAH - Terrier mix, female, 8 years, 20 lbs. Hannah is a little bundle of love who has never met a person or dog or cat she doesn't like and if you offer her a treat she will move you to the head of her list! Hannah likes to go for walks, and rides well in the car; most likely this sweetie would be happiest in a setting where someone is home much of the time just because she thrives on companionship. Hannah was surrendered to a local shelter due to her owner not being able to care for her any longer. She was in pretty rough shape with a bad skin infection and eyes from which she could hardly see because of chronic dry eye and turned-in eyelids but she has had eye surgery and did very well with that. With good vet treatment and lots of TLC from her foster mom, Hannah is now ready to move on to her forever home. You can expect to be rewarded many times over for the care you give her, with her complete love and devotion.

JavierJAVIER - Lab mix, male, 9 weeks, 9 lbs. Javier and his brother Rafael came to us as part of an "oops" litter. Their father is a purebred, 100 lb Labrador and mom is a 40 lb Lab mix. Rafael is more quiet, while Javier is the bold one, but both pups are friendly and sweet.

LemonLEMON - Beagle, male, 10 years, 50 lbs. Lemon is a super sweet, relaxed guy who seems to do well in most any situation. He is quite overweight so potential adopters will need to have a weight loss plan in place including regular walks. He is a pretty low energy guy right now but that may change once he sheds some pounds. Lemon is house trained and crate trained - he actually prefers to go to his crate on his own for naps! We have not seen him with children but his foster mom thinks he would be fine with older ones. He will definitely attempt to steal any snacks in hand so young children might not be the best fit. Lemon is great with other dogs but has not yet shown any interest in playing. He gets along well with cats as he is completely uninterested in them but will tolerate their interest in him. He is a beagle mix so you will hear him baying from time to time outside but is quiet as a mouse in the house. All in all, Lemon is a very easy guy who just needs a little special attention so that he can live a long and healthy life. Lemon was found as a stray and doesn't hear well, so a fenced yard is preferred for him.

RafaelRAFAEL - Lab mix, male, 10 weeks, 9 lbs. Rafael and his brother Javier, (who is on Trial Placement), came to us as part of an "oops" litter. Their father is a purebred, 100 lb Labrador and mom is a 40 lb Lab mix. Rafael is the quieter brother, friendly and cuddly, mellow for his age. He currently lives with other dogs 5 to 80 lbs and is sociable with all. He is crate-trained and rides well in the car. Rafael is a gorgeous little pup distinguished by the tiniest stripe of white on his chest.

VelmaVELMA - Terrier/whippet mix, female, 8 years, 20 lbs. Velma’s owner passed away and she found herself in a shelter because there was no one who could take her in. Having led a darn happy life, the shelter environment was very hard on her and it was decided that rescue would be the best option for her. She appears to be a terrier/whippet mix, but no one knows for sure! When first introduced, Velma is skittish, but she quickly comes around and becomes a serious lovebug. She has kisses to give at any time you may feel the need. She is happily living with 2 other dogs in her foster home. She is a little dog with a BIG personality, a dog who has no problem telling bigger dogs that she’s the boss. Of course, when the big dog says “no way”, she happily prances away to check on her human. Velma will joyfully announce the arrival of visitors and would make an excellent watchdog. She likes to keep her people close, is not happy when left alone, but recovers quickly and waits patiently for your return. Her foster mom is hard pressed to do anything but smile at her little antics. And from her first day in foster care, she has not required crating. Her house manners are excellent, completely housebroken, a little accident when she first arrived and that was that. She would be a wonderful family or companion dog, but would do best with children over 8 years old due to her size. We would like a home with a fenced-in yard for Miss Velma. Click here see more Velma's appearance on Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo.

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