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Saturday, September 6, 2014
10:00am - 1:30 pm

East Greenbush Petsmart, 279 Troy Road Ste 11, Rensselaer, NY 12144

Saturday, September 6, 2014
11:00am - 2:00pm

Cobblestone Church 118 Putnam Road Rotterdam, NY 12306

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs on Trial Placement - Adoption Pending

The following dogs are on trial placement in a new home and are not currently available for adoption. All Peppertree adoptions begin with a minimum two-week trial period. The dogs below have been placed in adoptive homes but the adoption is not yet final.

ArmstrongARMSTRONG - Lab/Basset mix, male, ~12 years. Basset Hound/Labrador Retriever mix, male, 12 years, 66 lbs. Armstrong, who prefers Arnie, has a handsome lab face, cute basset hound legs and a jolly personality. He's a heart stealer who loves people, other dogs, baths, belly rubs, short walks and ambling around the yard. Arnie enjoys following his foster parents around the house and will also lay quietly at their feet. Our man of few words wisely avoids drama with other dogs, is housebroken and doesn't need to be crated in the house. Arnie would be most comfortable in a home that doesn't require him to climb many stairs because of his short and stocky build. Our super-sweet boy is currently dieting and asked us to mention that "Bassadors" make wonderful weight loss companions for their family and friends. We don't yet know how he is with cats.

CassieCASSIE - New to program and being evaluated.

DeweyDEWEY - Husky/German Shepherd mix, male, ~9 years old, 60 lbs. Dewey is a happy-go-lucky guy who loves walks, car rides, baths, belly rubs, other dogs, and people. His favorite thing to do is relax in the backyard and survey his kingdom. He also enjoys a dip in the doggy pool. Dewey's foster parents say he always has a smile on his face, gives lots of hugs and kisses, and just loves being a family dog. Dewey is housebroken and crate trained, although there's no need to crate him in the house. He gets along famously with the two male dogs in his foster home and is indifferent to cats. Like many senior dogs, Dewey has some arthritis and takes medication twice a day to manage any discomfort. He's a truly wonderful boy who will make a great addition to some lucky family.

JakeyJAKEY - Mini-Australian Shepherd, male, 2 years, 34 lbs. Jakey is a triple threat - handsome, sweet and smart! He has excellent house manners too, so does that make him a quadruple threat? Jakey loves to take walks and is very good on the leash, he comes when called, learns quickly and loves to please. He loves belly rubs as well! Jakey does well with other dogs and is good with cats - the one thing with Jakey is that he cannot live with small children as he likes to herd them - so six years old and up please!

JulieJULIE - Beagle, female, 10 years, ~20 lbs. Looking for a snuggle bunny, ooops, meant snuggle beagle? Julie is your girl. She loves to snuggle on the couch or in your bed. She likes to go for walks or just hang out. She is good with other dogs and doesn't mind if they are bigger than she is. Julie is ok with dog savvy cats, but she does like to test her speed against theirs and chase them. She is housebroken and is getting used to crate training. Julie is an absolute doll who is looking for her forever home. Don’t let the number listed on her age fool you, Julie is a spunky little one.

MyaMYA - Retriever/Chow mix, female, ~ 7 years old, 65 lbs. Mya is a complete sweetheart! She knows basic commands, and is a very relaxed, loving dog. Her favorite way to spend the day is sprawled out on the floor of whatever room you’re in. She’s great with other dogs, cats, kids, and rabbits. She loves going for walks or wandering around in a dog park, but is not particularly high energy, and is probably not the best jogging or hiking companion. Mya has excellent house manners, does not need a crate, and is house trained. She’s perfectly happy to spend the night in her own bed or to snuggle up with someone. Mya does have a thyroid condition, and requires inexpensive medication twice daily. This is why she’s also a bit overweight at the moment. Her foster parents are working on that, and Mya is loving the 2 mile walks she’s getting every day! Mya’s foster dad calls her Fozzy Bear because her sweet little face is so like a teddy bear’s. She would be the perfect dog for a family with kids or other animals, but would also be great as an only pet. All she wants is a little love and a few belly rubs!

NadineNADINE - Black Lab mix, female, 4 years. New to Peppertree and being evaluated.

PretzelPRETZEL - Black lab, male, 9 months. Pretzel was found as a stray swimming in someone's pond and totally enjoying himself. He is a sweet boy who loves everyone. He is good with kids and other dogs. Pretzel is very exuberant and sometimes plays a little rough, but is easily corrected and will learn proper limits as he gets older. He is house trained, smart, and wants to learn. Pretzel would love to be part of an active family that will give him plenty of exercise, attention, and love.

RemiREMI - Retriever, male. New to Peppertree and being evaluated.

SerafinaSERAFINA - Lab? mix, female, ~1 1/2 years, 39 lbs. Serafina's mix is a true mystery! She sings like a Basenji, plays fetch and carries balls in her mouth like a lab, howls like a hound sometimes. What's not in question is that she is a very sweet and energetic little girl. She LOVES to play with other dogs anytime, anyplace and for however long the other dog will keep going - she is a true Energizer bunny! She is living peacefully with a dog-savvy cat. Serafina would make a great running partner. She doesn't stop until you do. She went on a six mile hike loving every minute of it and keeping pace with her foster father, never pulling to go faster or lagging behind to go slower. Serafina is a truly fun and entertaining dog for an active family. She is still working on her manners but has come a long way in a short amount of time. She is very food motivated which helps with training. She is a very fast learner. If you are looking for a young fun loving and entertaining dog, Serafina could be your girl.

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