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Saturday, November 5, 2016
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco, 664 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs

IMPORTANT: The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption application. We have a limited number of volunteers and we do not have the resources to respond to inquiries about specific dogs from non-applicants. If you are interested in a Peppertree dog you must submit an application. NO EXCEPTIONS!

IMPORTANT: If you are looking to surrender your dog to Peppertree, please see our Surrendering Your Dog Section of this web site.

The application is available online (and via a downloadable PDF file). If you have completed a similar application for another group and have a copy, we will accept that; mail it to PO Box 2396, Albany NY 12220.

If you are out of the immediate Capital District area and cannot attend a Peppertree Clinic in the Albany, NY area, we ask that you provide a home visit report from a local rescue group with your application. You will need to travel to meet our volunteers and our dogs.

Applicants will receive regular notification regarding the dogs available for adoption and will be invited to our clinics to meet our dogs.

Before you look at our dogs, please read How to Adopt a Peppertree Dog

Available Dogs


Buddy boyBUDDY BOY - Beagle, male, 7, 35-40 lbs. Buddy Boy is a happy dog who is doing well in his foster home that he shares with 2 cats and another dog. He loves long walks where he enjoys looking for any furry woodland creature that may be nearby. Buddy will pull and bark when he’s hot on the trail in true beagle style to be sure you know he’s on to something. He is very food motivated and it’s helping him learn his basic obedience commands (he loves most food including fruits and vegetables – especially baby carrots.) Since joining us we have learned that Buddy Boy has Cushing’s disease and will need daily medication but this doesn’t slow him down a bit. Buddy does not like being crated and with a consistent schedule has proven to be house trained. He is learning about toys and isn’t really a fetch kinda guy, he’s more of a “finding the squeaker in a toy is like finding the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks” kinda guy. When he’s tired and had enough playtime he will let you know he’s ready to go in and would rather go lay someplace comfy inside. After all the fun and excitement of his walks and playtime – Buddy boy enjoys evenings laying by your feet while you watch TV or read a good book. Click here to watch Buddy Boy's appearance on Pet Connection!

ButtonsBUTTONS - Pekingese, male, 12 years, 10 lbs. Sweet, easygoing, and affectionate are all words that describe Buttons. He may be a senior, but he still has a bit of perkiness in his step! Buttons came to us from a NYC shelter and was very ill with pneumonia for a couple weeks, but he is a feisty spirit and managed to pull through that with lots of TLC from his wonderful foster family. He enjoys a nice nap, a good meal, and lots of attention from his people. Buttons gets along well with other dogs and is good on short leash walks. He is not completely housebroken and does wear a wrap around his middle. Also, his hearing is not what it used to be and one eye has a cataract, but he gets around just fine. He will happily sit in your lap for as long as you let him and nudge your hand for more belly scratches!

ChristopherCHRISTOPHER - Chihuahua, male, 7 years, 8 lbs. Christopher came to us with his brother, Wags McGee, as an owner surrender because prior owners were unable to care for them. While we initially believed that they were a bonded pair, they have both proven to be independent little fellows who are very sociable and love people and other dogs. Christopher is a very cheerful little guy who has controlled diabetes. He requires an insulin shot twice a day, and if you administer it while he indulges in his favorite activity of eating, he won’t even be aware of it. Christopher is paper trained and is showing signs that he could be on his way to being completely housebroken. He will go outside in the morning and if taken out several times during the day, he seems to be happy enough taking care of business in the great outdoors. Christopher is very bright and interested in everything, eager to give his humans many kisses, very affectionate. He has cataracts, but that doesn’t seem to slow him down. Christopher is, simply, a Chihuahua and a credit to his breed.

Hannah belleHANNAH BELLE - Shepherd/hound/? mix, female, 4 years, 48 lbs. Hannah Belle couldn't be a sweeter dog! She is our favorite breed - All American, probably some shepherd and maybe a little hound, plus who knows. Even though she hasn't been with us long, she has won our hearts. Hannah Belle enjoys playing with tennis balls, but doesn't seem to know about the process of throw and chase. She knows basic commands, will sit and shake and then lie down if she doesn't get a treat fast enough, and is working on walking nicely on leash. Hannah Belle loves treats, which help with her training. She sleeps well in a crate, but would prefer her blanket out in the family room. So far, she has proven quick to learn and knows the cues for when she might be getting a walk and gets excited. Her foster mom thinks she'd be great with a family with kids – she has done well with older ones already.

OugieOUGIE - Spaniel mix, 6 years, male, 20 lbs. Ougie is one of the sweetest and most easy-going dogs his foster parents have had the pleasure of meeting. He wants nothing more than for you to sit down so he can curl up next to you. He is housebroken, respectful of human belongings, and doesn't bark (not even at squirrels!!!). Ougie is accepting and patient with other dogs, even energetic puppies. It's the love and presence of his human that little Ougie looks for. He also enjoys "prancing" around the neighborhood stretching his little legs and wagging his precious Swiffer sweeper tail as high as can be. Ougie has been diagnosed with epilepsy, but sticking to his routine medication schedule has prevented his foster parents from noticing any symptoms so far.

RoverROVER - Lab mix, 1-2 years, male, 50 lbs. Rover looks like a lab but has a personality of a herding dog. He is sensitive and quick to react to the world around him, and he likes to keep his brain busy. Rover is energetic, playful, curious, and is food motivated; in training class he shines. However, we suspect that a lack of early socialization and exposure means that he is easily overstimulated, so Rover does best in a calm environment. He is not the kind of dog to join you at the dog park but he has a blast running around the yard or going on a hike. Rover would thrive in a quiet house with a big yard where he can run, play, and just be a dog - maybe you have some squirrels to chase? Because he will chase them for you! Unfortunately because of that desire to chase Rover is not able to live with cats, or children. Rover is house trained, crate trained, and is working on his leash skills, and learning fast. He seems to prefer female dogs and may need a slow introduction to his canine friends.

S'moresS'MORES - Feist(?) mix, female, ~1 year, 45 lbs. S'mores is a sweet playful dog, medium energy, who is housebroken and has nice leash manners. She is fine with other dogs and was OK with the 7 month old granddaughter of her foster mom (under supervision, of course!) She does not need to be crated, just hangs out in the kitchen when left alone. S'mores is a great roommate, sleeping comfortably on the bedroom floor at night.

Sakura (aka sake)SAKURA (aka SAKE) - Retriever mix, female, 5 years old, 52 lbs. Sake is a sweet little girl with a lot of love. Sake came to us with some pretty severe allergies and ear infections which caused a LOT of hair loss and discomfort. Since we've been treating her she's grown back so much of her hair and she keeps growing back more on a daily basis. She is in the process of getting allergy testing, but for now is doing great on her allergy medication. Sake gets along well with the cat in the house, occasionally gets spunky and wants to play, but the cat will have none of that. She gets along well with the resident female dog in her foster home and knows sit, shake, down, and stay, and listens very well if you ask her to get down from the bed or the couch. She'll do anything for a treat, which makes it very easy to train her or give her meds. Sake will need the occasional medicated bath which she tolerates pretty well. And good treats like hot dog chunks make her like it more and more each time! Now that she's feeling better, Sake is really coming into her own. She's housebroken, does well on leash, she's the perfect medium size, and she'd love to meet YOU!

TabbyTABBY - Feist mix, female, 3 years, 40 lbs. It is true, Tabby is a homebody at heart. While other dogs seem to enjoy travel and long walks on the beach Tabby would much rather stay at home and eat microwave popcorn, or maybe curl up with a good toy to chew. Tabby does not get why you would ever want to leave home when home is where her bed and toys are, plus the yard is fun to play in, and the yard has bunnies to chase! Tabby is a true introvert and is often overwhelmed in social situations but when it comes to dogs she has never met a dog she has not tried to befriend. Tabby finds dogs much less overwhelming than people which is one of the reasons why she will need a home with another dog. Tabby also does very well with cats and will try to groom them if given the chance; she is not often given the chance though. Tabby does require a fence because of her shyness, and because her favorite thing to do is hang out in the yard and sniff all the smells. Since Tabby prefers predictability and quiet in her life, a house without children is best for her. She would do fine with visiting children but living with them every day is not for Tabby. Tabby is a sweet dog, possibly the sweetest dog her foster home has had come through their doors, and we know there is a home just waiting for her.

VelmaVELMA - Terrier/whippet mix, female, 8 years, 20 lbs. Velma’s owner passed away and she found herself in a shelter because there was no one who could take her in. Having led a darn happy life, the shelter environment was very hard on her and it was decided that rescue would be the best option for her. She appears to be a terrier/whippet mix, but no one knows for sure! When first introduced, Velma is skittish, but she quickly comes around and becomes a serious lovebug. She has kisses to give at any time you may feel the need. She is happily living with 2 other dogs in her foster home. She is a little dog with a BIG personality, a dog who has no problem telling bigger dogs that she’s the boss. Of course, when the big dog says “no way”, she happily prances away to check on her human. Velma will joyfully announce the arrival of visitors and would make an excellent watchdog. She likes to keep her people close, is not happy when left alone, but recovers quickly and waits patiently for your return. Her foster mom is hard pressed to do anything but smile at her little antics. And from her first day in foster care, she has not required crating. Her house manners are excellent, completely housebroken, a little accident when she first arrived and that was that. She would be a wonderful family or companion dog, but would do best with children over 8 years old due to her size. We would like a home with a fenced-in yard for Miss Velma. She is too interested in cats to live with them. Click here see more Velma's appearance on Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo.

Wags mcgeeWAGS McGEE - Chihuahua, male, 8 years. Wags McGee came to us as an owner surrender along with his brother/buddy Chistopher. Wags is very overweight and is presently on a strict diet to get his weight down. Otherwise, he is in very good health. He’s about 8 years old, at last check he was about 18 lbs. He should be more like 11 or 12 lbs. Wags is paper trained and is working out house training. He’s very sweet and loves affection. He is starting to enjoy his walks although around the block is the best he can do at the moment. Wags will be a lovely addition to someone’s family although small children are not recommended due to his size.

Other Dogs Available For Adoption - Neighbors Corner

These dogs are either living with their owners but need to find new homes, or are with another rescue or shelter. Contact information is included with each dog's listing. We must note, however, that we do not have the detailed knowledge we gain about dogs that are actually in the program and in our own foster homes.

Neighbor's Corner Dogs (12)           Last Updated: 12/31/1969 19:12:00

Help Orphan Puppies (HOP)

For the past several years, Peppertree Rescue and Help Orphan Puppies have frequently worked together. While Peppertree specializes in finding homes for adult dogs, Help Orphan Puppies focuses on finding homes for puppies. In the future, we will be combining our efforts in order to more effectively promote the dogs and puppies in both our programs with the common goal of finding loving, forever homes for them. Please feel free to visit our websites at and

Please note: We are two individual organizations and have different adoption applications. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Dogs in Program Not Available for Adoption

The following are additional dogs within the Peppertree Program. They are currently not available for adoption as they are undergoing rehabilitation and assessment in their foster homes. Due to limited resources, we are unable to respond to any inquiries about the dogs listed below. Hopefully they will be added to our Available Dogs section shortly.

There are no dogs being evaulated at this time.
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